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Store credit policy:   
When you bring in books, we will look through them and give you a dollar amount in store credit for the books we wish to keep. We also gratefully accept donations (not for credit).
We do NOT accept: Encyclopaedias, magazines (except comics), VHS tapes, Books on cassette, ex-library books, most books without Dust Jackets (some older books are an exception) or books with ANY mold, mildew, or water damage. NO MUSTY SMELLING BOOKS will be accepted. Rejected books are your responsibility to dispose of. You will not receive any credit if we have to dispose of the rejects, unless we agree otherwise in advance.
We keep track of the credit here at the store on our computers so you never have to worry about whether you brought that little piece of paper or card with you like they do at some places. The credit file is backed up continuously on Google Drive, and we downloads backups frequently, just in case.
When you make a purchase, you may use store credit for up to 50% of your purchase total. For example, if you purchase a $5.00 book, you can use $2.50 in store credit, and you would pay the other $2.50 (plus tax).
Unused credit rolls over until your next visit. Every time you access your credit account we update the date. This happens if you: Add to your credit, use some of your credit, inquire about your credit balance, or just remind us that you are alive.
If there is no activity or we havenít seen or heard from your for 2 years, we donate your credit to the Lenawee County School fund, where it can be used by students buying books for school or teachers buying for their classrooms. You may also donate some or all of your credit to this account at any time.
Textbook Buyback:   
Textbooks must be currently in use by colleges and universities. We sell these books to another company, and anything over 1-2 years old, at most, will not be accepted. We scan the ISBN into their database. If they are purchasing that title, they give us a price. If you agree, we pay you, and then shop the books to them. Itís just that easy! Condition is a factor, so we will not quote prices over the phone.

They do NOT buy:  
  • Custom Editions or International Editions or Annotated Editions
  • Water damage, warped covers, wavy pages, mildew/mold, stains, or pages stuck together
  • Books with missing pages or workbooks with answers filled in on more than 5 pages
  • Access codes or CDs by themselves
  • Extremely heavily shelf-worn torn covers, deep gouges or severely bent corners

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